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Does your pump can not start work at low temperature environment? PRIMO pump can!

Hydraulic torque wrench pump can not start work at the temperature below  

zero degrees because of high viscosity of hydraulic oil.


How to solve this problem?  


The pump can be heated in air-conditioned room or the reservoir be heated 

by a heater, but it takes about 20 minutes aninconvenient on work site.

Now there is no such thorny problem by use of PRIMO technology. 


PRIMO hydraulic torque wrench pump with heating coil and embedded program 

can achieve heating oil temperature automatically when the environment 

temperature is below zero degrees . The pump can start work easily when the 

oil will be heated up to ten degrees.


PRIMO electric hydraulic pump






Advanced 3-stage flow,greatly improving efficiency

Can start under full load and pressure,automated pressure relief

Powerful electric motor,brushless,free maintenance,long life

Small volume, light weight,easy to carry

Powerful radiator can auto run when oil temperature reach

      35 degrees, suitable for continuous operation

Runs up to 4 hydraulic torque wrenches simultaneously by Multi-port manifold


PRIMO pump has such a good performance, and certainly very expensive?

No! We offer the pump with reasonable price.Please consult us for preferential price.




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